The Project

The Mediated Efficiency Project is an attempt to ‘color in’ the overly simplistic picture of society sketched by corporate market research and political surveys–to look closer at the complicated circumstances that impact our daily decisions about energy.

It’s an in-depth, qualitative look at the lives of a variety of individuals who all face an expanding landscape of energy efficient practices, products, services, and issues. The project uses semi-structured ethnographic interviews with to add depth and complexity to quantitative segmentation models already widely used, such as the LOHAS segmentation. Its core goal is to identify areas of challenge and opportunity facing the development and communication of energy efficient lifestyles.

The research is designed to uncover these elements via a combination of aided and unaided awareness measures, as well as various interactive stimuli, applied not only to products but to media, practices, and political issues. It probes for more than simple measures of knowledge and behavior by seeking the underlying influences, attitudes, and interconnections between these realms.


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