What to Expect

What happens first?

Click the PARTICIPATE! link for my contact information; drop me an email (r.cunningham@lse.ac.uk) or a phone call and let me know that you’re interested. The only solid requirement for participation is that you live in or around London and are willing to lend me an hour or so of your time. Please do specify how you heard about the project.

Then, we’ll schedule a time to sit down and have a chat. Interviews can be conducted anytime between Wednesday 18 June and Wednesday 6 July.

What’s a ‘Semi-Structured Ethnographic Interview?’

It might sound intimidating, but really it’s just an in-depth and open-ended conversation about you, on your terms. Ideally, if you’re available and comfortable with it, we’ll conduct the interview in your own home, though we can certainly arrange to meet elsewhere if that’s more convenient. It will take approximately 90 minutes.

This is far from a rigid quiz, and there are certainly no right answers! We’ll start off with a casual chat about what (if anything) you’re doing around the home to conserve or use alternative energy, where you stand (broadly) on energy efficient issues, and what sort of products you’ve encountered. I’ll then ask for your awareness of and opinion on some very specific items and issues, and we’ll wrap up with a few interactive exercises focused on media wherein I’ll ask you to respond to and categorize some some programs, sites, and publications.

Bottom line: there will be sticky notes of multiple colors involved… how can you resist?

Is There an Incentive?

Unfortunately, due to constraints both fiscal and ethical, I won’t be able to pay you monetarily for your time. I will, however, come bearing a modest gift–and most importantly I promise to offer an engaging and interactive chance to explore an interesting subject that we take for granted on a daily basis. You’ll also be directly contributing to an emerging and highly-important field which has major ramifications for the future both near- and long-term.

What will you do with the interviews and my information?

The primary output of the project will be an academic dissertation, and the material may later be developed into an academic paper, an industry white-paper, and/or materials for a conference.

I highly value your time, your honesty, and your privacy. In any and all applications, you will remain completely anonymous. I will record our interviews (audio only) to keep my notes accurate, and will reproduce materials from the exercises we do together, but at all times thereafter I will refer to you strictly by a pseudonym or by your first name only. You can even pick said pseudonym if you’d like. I’ll also never use your email address or other contact information for anything other than this project, and I certainly won’t share it with anyone else. At the beginning of the interview, we’ll sign a basic agreement that lays out these terms and your protection.

As I start to analyze data and write up the study, I’ll be happy to keep you in the loop if you’re interested. I’ll use this blog to post information.


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